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E-learning and other “digitization of education” strategies have made rapid progress in recent years due to the development of information technology. An example could be: what kind of information technology support would be required if students study using digital textbooks on tablet computers, and teachers using of computers for attendance or testing? Also, in the future, how will the education and learning environment change with the introduction and use of these technologies?

 At the Ogata lab, we are researching cutting edge information technology to support peoples “learning” and “education”, along with hosting the LET (Learning and Educational Technologies) research unit. We are conducting research into the following (keywords): educational data science, learning analytics (learning analysis), ubiquitous learning, mobile learning, informal learning, seamless learning, cooperative learning, knowledge creation support and so on. Currently, we are promoting research into the “Improvement of Education using Learning Analytics”, and “Collaborative Learning Environments using Life Logs”. Through such research, we hope to create the learning and educational environments of the future.

Our laboratory not only has diverse skillsets but also encourages international cultures. Current students and researchers come from over 10 countries including Australia, Turkey, Croatia, France, Lebanon, Sudan, Kazakhstan, India, Nigeria, China, Taiwan, and Brazil to name some. We also have international researchers visiting frequently from reputed universities in USA, Germany, Chile, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. We are enthusiastic about our research and nurture a productive research environment rich with discussions and collaborative ideas.

Researcher Recruitment

Educational data science is an interdisciplinary research field made up of different areas, such as: informatics, pedagogy, learning science, cognitive science, brain science, psychology, and so on. Also, from the aspect of learning and education there are other areas, such as: language, physics, mathematics, etc. We welcome applications from researchers who come from a wide range of fields, and look forward to working together to create educational environments for the future!


Perspective Students (Graduate School)

Students in Professor Ogata’s lab will join the Learning Educational Technology course, and undertake a major in Social Informatics at the Graduate School of Informatics in Kyoto University. Information on the Master’s and Doctoral course entrance examination can be found on the Kyoto University Graduate School of Informatics webpage. There is also information for international students on the Kyoto University webpage. We are currently recruiting for students who have a passion for the following:

    • Like to observe the actions of people
    • Interested in the application of new information technology, such as: model information devices, wireless communications, etc.
    • Want to implement new ideas as software
    • Have adopted a research idea in an actual education setting, and are interested in practical (practical use) research.
  • Interested in the analysis and visualization of log data from education and learning activities.
In our lab you can study the following:

Planning and design of education information systems, data analysis and visualization techniques, interface design, behavior modeling techniques, methods to analyze and evaluate systems, techniques for writing scientific papers, presentation skills, web programming languages (PHP, Java, C, HTML, etc), programming iPhone/Android applications, etc.

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If you are interested in the any of the above, please feel free to contact us at: info[at] (replace [at] with @).

Please email us your short CV and research plan (1 page in A4) after reading our papers in our lab web page.

Please note that you need to contact Prof.Ogata, before sending an application to the university office.