Learning and Educational Technologies Research Unit

About LET

At the LET research unit we focus on learner centric design to support everyday learning. Based on our designed framework for ubiquitous cooperative learning we develop software systems and evaluate them in actual teaching-learning scenarios. Our learning environments not only aim at anytime anywhere learning, but also supports Right Time and Right Place (RTRP) learning. This involves personalized content recommendation and further opportunities for collaborative learning at appropriate times in appropriate places. Our approach involves utilizing educational big data and conducting learning analytics research to create an enriching teaching-learning experience. This ongoing work is under the funded research project titled Information Infrastructure for Supporting Education and Learning by Using Educational Big Data.

Our laboratory not only has diverse skillsets but also encourages international cultures. Current students and researchers come from over 10 countries including Australia, India, Taiwan, Nigeria, France, and Lebanon to name some. We also have international researchers visiting frequently from reputed universities in USA, Germany, Chile, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. We are enthusiastic about our research and nurture a productive research environment rich with discussions and collaborative ideas.


Ayumi NAKAGAWA, Assistant Technical Staff